For any repair correspondence please email,

Serving our customers efficiently and effectively is the goal at Applied Technosystems.


This Equipment Repair Policy will clarify procedures and costs and expedite the return of your repaired equipment.


To initiate any Equipment Repair Process, please send in a Purchase Order (PO) via email: and or call-9810404140 / 9911244140 for current details. The PO should state the following:


  • Repair of Type of Unit (eg ADP5090, AC500, AC250) and its serial number. A separate entry for the controller is also required. Although Applied Technosystems sells the marking heads and controllers as complete “systems”, each component is repaired as its own entity. Therefore all repair costs will be quoted per unit, not as a system.
  • A brief description of the malfunction or problem.
  • Please be sure to include your preferred shipping method plus your Bill To/Ship To Address and contact information including contact person name, phone and email id. Please note that Shipping Charges are NOT INCLUDED in Repair costs. These are to be paid by the customer.
  • Elettric Through Solenoid

A repaired unit is warranted for a period of Two weeks (14 days) against failure of the same issue that was corrected as par the repair order.


Repair/Service charge for each Pin – marking Component (marking head and/or controller) at Applied Technosystems Laboratory is Rs. 1,000/-. Repair at site has added visit charge and will be quoted separately on request. Payment terms are 100% against delivery. If repair costs are more than Rs 1000/-, the repair information and cost will be sent to you for seeking approval. We will ship your repaired units (s) back to you and invoice the actual repair cost. If the repair exceeds Rs 5000, you will be contacted for authorization and to issue an amended PO for the amount. Once your PO is received with correct costs, we will ready and ship your repaired unit (s) back to you within 48 hours of that date. We will notify you of any delays based on parts availability or situations beyond our immediate control. We charge a Rs.1,000/-, evaluation fee if you do not want to proceed with the repairs.


Once your PO has been received, we will initiate the repair process and email status to you. The Repair Department will not accept a repair without the PO. Typical repair turnaround time is two to three weeks from the date we receive the units(s).




If you are in an emergency or “down” situation, expedited pin-marking component repairs are available and these additional fees will apply:

  • 1-2 Business Days: Rs2500 PER UNIT plus repair costs
  • 3-7 Business Days: Rs1500 PER UNIT plus repair costs




The Standard Warranty for all Applied Technosystems Equipment is stated in our Standard Terms & Conditions. In addition to meeting the qualifications outlined in the standard Terms & Conditions documents, the following criteria must be met for products requiring repair to be covered under our Standard Warranty Program:

  • No obvious abuse or misuse. Example: If a marking head cartridge shows dents and scrapes due to being hit by another piece of machinery or dropped, the unit is not eligible for repair under warranty.
  • Environmental condition: Equipment exposed to harsh environments including, but not limited to dirt, oil, grease, water, metal chips or shavings, voltage fluctuation, poor earthing can damage internal parts. Applied Technosystems will not honor a warranty if the unit has been exposed to this type of unacceptable environment.
  • Unauthorized Customer Repairs: All Applied marking Equipment is built and maintained by our trained professionals. Unauthorized modification and repairs to the Applied Technosystems products could void its warranty




Warranty Repairs are subject to a Rs.1000/-, evaluation fee per unit. If repair costs are approved under warranty the evaluation fee will be waived. A repaired unit is warranted for a period of 2 weeks(14 days) or the remainder of its original warranty, whichever is longer, as stated on page one of this policy.


Disclaimer: All product descriptions, programs, prices terms and conditions of warranties expressed or implied, are subject to change without notice. For any further query please call-9810404140 / 9911244140