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Dot Pin Marking machines offer the most efficient, stress free marking system that ensures 100% precision and traceability. Manufacturers can employ the machine for a fully automated marking process that is capable to provide clear markings on any surface quickly. The easily programmable Dot Peen Marking machine can adjust itself according to component shape, without any manual input. The quick and consistent marking process carried by a Dot Pin Marking machine lets the manufacture to get more productive. By switching to a Dot Pin Marking system, manufacturers can save a lot of time, money and effort as the error-free markings do not require any kind of rework or testing.

Choice of dot pin
  • Dot Pin Marking machine uses solid carbide pins to create marks on surfaces, in the form of closely spaced dots. Different pins are used according to different requirements and for marking different surfaces.
  • Pneumatic Pin
  • Air-Driven Pin
  • Return Spring Based Pin
  • Elettric Through Solenoid


Automator Marking Systems dot peen marking: for an impeccable final result!

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Automator Marking Systems marking: for an impeccable final result!

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