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One of the fastest and most silent methods for engraving on metals and plastics is undoubtedly the one that can be performed with a scribe marking machine. This is an innovative marking system, which consists of a “scratch” generated by a tip on the surface of the product. An ideal quality technology for deep markings and a continuous line on materials such as plastic, steel, aluminum, and other more difficult and resistant materials. Applied Technosystems Marking Systems, a company specializing in the sector, supplies scribe marking machines that are difficult to find on the market!

The heart of our scribers: the AC500 Universal Controller
  • Universal, touch screen, easy to use
  • Extremely precise and reliable 
  • Easy integration with PLCs and Host Computers 
  • TTF, 2D codes, arcs and logos 
  • Unlimited range of stored marking programs


Automator Marking Systems dot peen marking: for an impeccable final result!

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Automator Marking Systems marking: for an impeccable final result!