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Laser Marking is a technique of marking or labeling items with a laser beam. Different applications require different frequency beams – but the most common methods are engraving, staining, removing, annealing, and foaming. Each of these laser marking procedures has their own unique advantages, depending on the material being used and the quality requirement. Laser marking technology is ideal for producing high-precision results, as they offer unparalleled processing speed that is fastest in the Indian market today. Laser Marking Machines are widely used in India, as it enables optimal marking conditions for a wide variety of materials – from marking on plastics to high-power marking on metal surfaces. Applied Technosystems provides durable laser marking machines in India built with the newest technologies which allows automatic marking and also verification of the printed data for readability.

Features of Laser Marking Machine
  • Offers a non-contact, abrasion-resistant, permanent laser marking.
  • Can work 24 x 7 while delivering high stability, high precision and speed.
  • No consumables required which helps in reducing the operating cost.
  • Provides high production rate
  • Easy and safe to operate.


Automator Marking Systems marking: for an impeccable final result!



Fibre laser markers deliver 1060-1064nm laser beam suitable for marking on all ferrous and most non ferrous products besides most plastics and ceramics. Fibre Laser markers are compact, software driven and easy to integrate in automomated environments. They are mostly air cooled. In most versoins they need PC to run. Marking depth is achieved by multiple passes and optimised mix of speed and wattage.

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Automator Marking Systems marking: for an impeccable final result!

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